Robin Winters “Fairly Regular Hours”

Interview took place on Aug. 2, 1975 in New York City. Winters discussed several performances including The Secret Life of Bob-E or, Bob-E Behind the Veil (591 Broadway, NYC, March 15-April 13, 1974, illustrated with photo by Jacki Ochs), Kooks Here, Gooks There (San Francisco Art Institute), Norman Thomas Memorial Traveling Museum (bus driven around California), Tracks and Traces, A Day at the Races, the Unconscious Before Sleep (The Kitchen, NYC, illustrated), W.B. Bearman Bags a Job or, Diary of a Dreamer (Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, illus. with photo by Lizbeth Marano), Your Scene…My Scene…Three Elements of Performance: Boredom…Tension…Surprise (July 1975, photo by Lizbeth Marano) and an unnamed piece performed at the Idea Warehouse. Additional photos by Jacki Ochs.