Whitney Museum of American Art (New York)

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An Interview with Jackie Winsor

Interviewed by Liza Béar in December, 1971 and edited by Winsor and Béar.

Brenda Miller

Some biographical information about Brenda Miller and her description of the piece Verjonging.

Bruce Nauman

Interview with Bruce Nauman which took place on May 7, 1970 at Nauman’s studio at San Jose State College.

Discussions with Barry Le Va

Discussions with Liza Béar and Willoughby Sharp June-August, 1971 at 74 Grand Street.

I Dedicate These Works to Those Artists Who Are Still Alive

Advertisement for several exhibitions of works by Rafael Ferrer occurring in 1971-1972.

Jackie Winsor

Brief description of several pieces.

Jaime Davidovich RR Bridge Project

Descriptions of several Jaime Davidovich projects.

Mary Miss: A Way of Visualizing a Space

Short bio and brief exhibition history of the artist Mary Miss.

Messages: “Projected Video” at the Whitney Museum

List of some films projected in the exhibition.

Messages: Italo Scanga at the Whitney

Announcement of an upcoming solo show.

Messages: John Coplans, Editor

Announcement of Coplans’s appointment as editor of Artforum.

Messages: Phil Niblock at the Whitney

Announcement of the concert event “Environments III”.

Messages: Scott Billingsly at the Whitney

Announcement of Induction a solo show by Billingsly at the Whitney Museum Art Resources Center.

Paul Soleri’s Arcosanti

Brief description of architecture projects and upcoming exhibitions.

Philip Glass Ensemble Update

Discusses the recording and performance of the pieces Music in 12 Parts and Music with Changing Parts, and performances at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and the Whitney Museum.

Ray Johnson’s New York Correspondence School

Mention of first meeting of Ray Johnson’s New York Correspondence School.

Recent Works by Ilene Segalove

Description of several videotapes by Segalove.

Robin Winters “Fairly Regular Hours”

Discusses Winter’s art practice in California and New York.

Steve Paxton: Like the Famous Tree

A dialogue with Liza Béar that was recorded at various locations in Vermont.

The Natural History of the American Dancer

Description and photo of the dance The Natural History of the American Dancer.

Update, Yvonne Rainer

List of performances, films, and dance pieces by Yvonne Rainer.

Yvonne Rainer

Interview conducted by Liza Béar and Willoughby Sharp on Aug. 10, 1972 at 137 Greene Street.