Kitchen Center for Video Music Dance Performance Film and Literature (New York)

59 Wooster Street, NYC
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Barbara Dilley…in The Dancing Room

A dialogue with Liza Béar that took place on Sept. 17 at 93 Grand Street, NYC.

Contact Improvisation

Photos by Gwen Thomas of You Come, We Show You What We Do, a dance performance held at the Kitchen, NYC, April 5-6.

Diego Cortez an Obvious Kind of Eyesore

Dialogue with Liza Bear.

Jon Gibson at the Kitchen

Announcement of concert by Gibson at the Kitchen.

Juxtaposed, Contained, Revealed

Description of a dance piece by Barbara Dilley and Tina Girouard.

Keith Sonnier: Send/Receive/Send November 29-30

Description of Send/Receive/Send a collaboration with Keith Sonnier and Mabou Mines.

Keith Sonnier…New York–L.A. Hook-up

Interview with Keith Sonnier by Liza Béar at Cafe K-K, NYC on February 18.

Messages: Beryl Korot at the Kitchen

One Four Channel and One One Channel Video Works shown Feb. 15-29 at the Kitchen.

Robin Winters “Fairly Regular Hours”

Discusses Winter’s art practice in California and New York.