Leo Castelli Gallery (New York)

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Bruce Nauman at Leo Castelli

Advertisement for exhibit at Leo Castelli Gallery.

Dickie Landry’s New Band

Announcement of a new music group featuring Dickie Landry, David Lee, Robert Prado, Rusty Gilder, Richard Peck, Allen Braufman.

Edward Ruscha at Leo Castelli

Advertisement for Ruscha exhibition.

Joseph Kosuth at Leo Castelli

Advertisement for Kosuth’s exhibition at Leo Castelli Gallery.

Joseph Kosuth at Leo Castelli Uptown and Downtown

Advertisement for exhibitions by Kosuth at two Leo Castelli Gallery locations.

Lawrence Weiner First Quarter

Discussion of Lawrence Weiner’s film A First Quarter.

Phil Glass: An Interview in Two Parts

Interview done by Willoughby Sharp and Liza Béar. Includes descriptions of several performances.

Some Recent Videotapes Made Available Through the Leo Castelli Gallery

Advertisement for videotapes for sale through Leo Castelli Gallery.

Tape-Video Live at Leo Castelli

Description of Tape-Video Live a one hour video performance in the front room of Leo Castelli’s downtown gallery.

Tina Girouard ‘If I’m Lyin’ I’m Dyin’ On the Road to Catahoula: A Dialogue with Liza Béar

Interview with Tina Girouard. Includes several photographs.


Advertisement for the exhibition Videotapes at Leo Castelli Gallery, New York.

Works on Videocassette

Advertisement for exhibition “Works on Videocassette” at Leo Castelli Gallery.