John Gibson Gallery (New York)

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Hanne Darboven at Westfalisher Kunstverein

Description of Hanne Darboven’s oeuvre and mention of a retrospective.

Narrative at John Gibson Gallery Inc.

Advertisement for the show “Narrative” at John Gibson Gallery’s 392 Broadway location.

Occupied Zone – Moving In, Performing on Another Agent

Descriptions and photographs of the several pieces by Vito Acconci.

Performances & Activities

Advertisement for John Gibson Gallery, 27 East 67th Street, NYC.

Roger Welch at John Gibson Gallery

Brief description of solo show.

Vito Acconci

Advertisement for gallery show.

Vito Acconci Mar 27 – Apr 24

Advertisement for Acconci exhibition at John Gibson Gallery, 27 E. 67 st. NYC. Includes photograph of Trademarks (Sept. 1970).