Van Schley


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Different Strokes for Different Folks: An Interview with Van Schley

Interviewed by Willoughby Sharp Sept. 17, 1972.

Messages: Lina Wertmuller’s New Movie

Mention of a movie that will feature Van Schley, Richard Dreyfus, and Shelley Winters.

Projection: Ursula Wevers

Advertisement for the show “Projection” at Ursula Wevers gallery, Germany.

Schley/Adler: World Run

Photos and description of World Run a global art piece by Van Schley and Billy Adler.

Signs by Van Schley

Advertisement for Van Schley’s book Signs. Includes photo and text. Available for purchase from GBF Books, 2622 2nd Street Santa Monica, California 90405.


Description of the exhibition Software.

This is Your Roof!

Description of “This is Your Roof!” an exhibition of video work shown at the international art festival Meetings in Pamplona Spain, June 26-July 6.