Philip Glass Ensemble

Founded by Philip Glass in 1968.
Musicians included Dickie Landry, John Gibson, Richard Peck, Barbara Benary, Steve Chambers, Arthur Murray, and Richard Prado,

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Description, Festival of Music and Dance

Description of the Festival of Music and Dance, organized by Fabio Sargentini at the Galleria l’Attico, Rome.

Messages: Phil Glass Ensemble

Update on the activities of Glass and the Philip Glass Ensemble.

Phil Glass: An Interview in Two Parts

Interview done by Willoughby Sharp and Liza Béar. Includes descriptions of several performances.

Philip Glass Ensemble Update

Discusses the recording and performance of the pieces Music in 12 Parts and Music with Changing Parts, and performances at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and the Whitney Museum.

The Phil Glass Ensemble: Music in Twelve Parts

Willoughby Sharp interviewed members of the Phil Glass Ensemble following their July 10 concert at The Town Hall, New York.