Alice Aycock and Rita Myers at Walters Hall Art Gallery

Description of an exhibition at Walters Hall Art Gallery at Douglass College, Rutgers University March 31-Apr. 11. Among items exhibited were a video installation We Are Alone Here: Investigation/Observations by Myers and Aycock’s installation Room with Movie Light. Includes a brief exhibition history and description of each artist’s oeuvre including the videos Sleep Performance and Slow Squeeze by Myers and Maze ; Low Building with Dirt Roof ; Walled Trench/Earth Platform/Center Pit ; Three Concrete Chambers Entered Through an Underground Tunnel ; Five Walls Descending a Hillside ; An Inverted Pyramid ; For a Tunnel with Converging Walls ; For a Vertical Maze ; Four Superimposed Cruciform Buildings ; For a Simple Network of Underground Wells and Tunnels by Aycock.