Phil Glass: An Interview in Two Parts

Part one of the interview done by Willoughby Sharp and Liza Béar in Rome on June 22, part two in Glass’s studio on Aug. 18. Photo of Glass by Van Schley. Includes biographical information. Members of the Philip Glass Ensemble mentioned and pictured: Dickie Landry ; Jon Gibson ; Arthur Murphy ; Robert Prado ; Richard Peck ; Rusty Gilder ; Kurt Munkasci. Works mentioned: Music with Changing Parts 1971 ; Music in 12 Parts (score pictured) ; Music in Similar Motion 1969 ; Music with Changing Parts ; Two Pages 1968 ; Music in Fifths ; 600 Lines 1968 ; vocal piece with three voices from Mabou Mines Theater, 1969. Performances mentioned: “Festival of Two Worlds” Spoleto ; “Festival of Music and Dance” organized by Fabio Sargentini at l’Attico, Rome (pictured) ; performance at Leo Castelli Gallery, May 1972 ; Hammarskjold Plaza, May 1972.