Joel Shapiro: Torquing

A dialogue with Liza Béar that took place on Feb. 6 at Shapiro’s studio at 54 Leonard Street, 93 Grand Street, and a foundry in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Shapiro discusses his clay and iron sculptures spending a lot of time on his choice of size, materials, and subject matter. The interview includes a trip to the Brooklyn foundry Shapiro used to cast his pieces in iron. Photos at the foundry by Gwenn Thomas. Works illustrated: Bird (1971) ; Ladder (1973, photo by Robert Mates, Paul Katz) ; Untitled (Coffin) (1971-1973, photo by Geoffrey Clements) ; Untitled (House) (1973-1974, photo by G. Clements) ; another Untitled (House) (1973-1974, photo by G. Clements) ; Bridge (1971-1973, photo by R. Mates, P. Katz) ; Untitled (1971) ; Untitled (1974, photo by Giorgio Colombo) ; Untitled (1974, photo by Larry Fuchsman) ; Secret Chamber (1975) ; Work in Progress (1975) ; Untitled (Horse) (1973-1974, photo by G. Clements) ; Untitled (1974, photo by G. Colombo) ; Untitled (Chair) (1974, photo by G. Clements) ; Untitled (Couch) (1973-1974, photo by L. Fuchsman) ; postcard announcement for Shapiro’s show at the Paula Cooper Gallery, Feb. 9-Mar. 6, 1974.