Discussions with Heizer, Oppenheim, Smithson

Discussions held in New York from December 1968-January 1969. The transcript was edited in collaboration with the artists. Photos of Michael Heizer’s Nine Nevada Depressions (1968) ; Circumflex, Massacre Creek dry lake, (1968) ; work for exhibition “Earth Art” Andrew Dickson White Museum of Art, (February 1969) ; Double Negative (Second Displacement) Virgin River Mesa, Nevada (1969-1970) ; Accumulation Cut Beebe Lake, Ithaca, NY (February 1969) ; Fault Kunsthalle Bern, (March 1969). Photos of Dennis Oppenheim’s Gallery Transplant Ithaca, NY (February 1969) ; Directed Seeding: Wheat Finsterwolde, Holland (April 1969) ;Garage Extension – Floor Plan Fort Kent, Maine (December 1968) ; Annual Rings St. John River, US/Canada border (December 1968) ; Time Pocket: Plotting a Reduced Version of the International Date Line Fort Kent, Maine (January 1969). Some discussion of Directed Seeding: Wheat and Time Pocket. Photos of Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty Great Salt Lake, Utah (1970) ; Mirror Trail McKinney’s Point, Ithaca, NY (February 1969) ; Mirror Displacement (1969) ; includes installation shots Earth Art exhibition Andrew Dickson White Museum of Art, Ithaca , NY (1969) ; Mono Lake Mono Lake, CA (1968). Includes discussion of nonsites.