Different Strokes for Different Folks: An Interview with Van Schley

Interviewed by Willoughby Sharp Sept. 17, 1972. Videotapes mentioned: Running ; Driving on the Freeway ; Dogs Jumping for the Stick ; Dogs Having Dinner ; Traffic Going By My Topanga House ; Signs book. Includes a folder insert with individual art works (postcards, etc.) Please Do Not Throw Paper Trays in Walrus Pool ; Airline Food ; Abraham D. Abraham’s Standard Station ; Led Zeppelin Lovers/James Taylor Haters and a calendar entitled Shotgun, Ruppy, Nutmeg and Ocean Thank You for Reading Avalanche and Wish You a Happy New Year. Insert also contains biographical information including these events: 1968 shot first videotape In the Midnight Hour ; 1969 started Great Balls of Fire Inc. ; Produced the film Place & Process ; 1973 Appeared in Avalanche.