Bruce Nauman

Interview took place May 7, 1970 at Nauman’s studio at San Jose State College. Edited in collaboration with the artist. Includes photographs by Gianfranco Gorgoni documenting the execution of a V shaped corridor piece.

Other artworks mentioned: Performance Corridor; Come; Bouncing Balls; Black Balls; Rhythmic Stamping; Walking Around the Studio Playing a Note on the Violin; additional video works discussed but not mentioned by title.

Stills from the following videotapes pictured: Slow L Walk (Nov. 6, 1968); Bouncing in a Corner (Nov. 27, 1968); Stamping in the Studio (Nov. 16, 1968); Violin Tuned D.E.A.D. (Apr. 27, 1968); Bouncing in a Corner (Feb. 27, 1969); Walking in Contraposto (Feb. 25, 1969); Lip Sync (March 27, 1969); Wall/Floor Positions (Nov. 5, 1968).

Exhibition mentioned: “Anti-Illusion: Procedures/Materials” Whitney Museum of American Art, May 19-July 6, 1969. Exhibition catalog available.