Alan Saret: Installation for Man, a Conversation with Willoughby Sharp

Saret discusses his three years spent in India, his experience as an artist in NYC, his process of creating several art works, and Alel, the religious organization he founded. Photos of several works accompany the interview including Saret working on an aperture at 54 Leonard Street (photo by Gwenn Thomas), Collage of Three Mother Ideas, Stair, Water Arrangement, and [unintelligible] Architecture, Made to Show the Coordinated System of the Installation of Man ; The Fulcrum of the Ray (1974, includes the poem (W)hole – The Opening of a Temple of Alel, photo by Lisa Kahane), a hole-in-the-wall temple on Mercer Street (photo by Stuart Hitch), model submitted to the Yonkers Museum Columbus Parks Sculpture Competition (photo by G. Thomas), wire sculptures from the Installation for Man (1970) initially shown at his loft at 119 Spring Street, subsequently on view at the Museum of Modern Art, NY, installation at 54 Leonard Street, NYC (photo by Saret), and The Nebraska Project (1974, photo by G. Thomas).