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112 Greene Street: An Interview with Alan Saret and Jeffrey Lew

Interview took place at Alan Saret’s Spring Street studio on Nov. 17, 1970. Interviewer uncredited. The interview discusses the history of the space, how exhibitions are arranged, and how artists were chosen to exhibit their work. Pieces from the inaugural exhibition that took place Oct. to Dec. 1970 are pictured and reflected upon by the […]

Barbara Dilley Dancing: A Picture Autobiography

Photos of Dilley throughout her career.

Food 127 Prince Street at Wooster

Advertisement for Food restaurant.

Juxtaposed, Contained, Revealed

Description of a dance piece by Barbara Dilley and Tina Girouard.

Keith Sonnier: Object Situation Object 1969-70

Advertisement for the publication Object, Situation, Object 1969-1970 by Keith Sonnier.

Rolf Ricke, Cologne

Ad for Rolf Ricke’s Galerie Ricke.

Tina Girouard ‘If I’m Lyin’ I’m Dyin’ On the Road to Catahoula: A Dialogue with Liza Béar

Interview with Tina Girouard. Includes several photographs.

Windsor Electronics Works with Artists

Advertisement for Windsor Electronics, 652 First Ave., NYC.

Windsor Total Video Works with Artists

Advertisement for Windsor Total Video.

Works on Videocassette

Advertisement for exhibition “Works on Videocassette” at Leo Castelli Gallery.