Art Documentation

Barbara Dilley Dancing: A Picture Autobiography

Photos of Dilley performing The Swan (1954) ; To Isadora ; Melora (1960) ; Scramble (Merce Cunningham) ; Herd (for Yvonne) ; Sets (May, 1975, with Cynthia Hedstrom, Terry O’Reilly, Eva Meier, Steve Klorfeine) ; Summerspace (Merce Cunningham) ; Never Fall in Love with a Samurai (Dec. 1971) ; Suite for Five (with Albert Reid, Carolyn Brown, Sandra Neels and Merce Cunningham) ; Grand Union lecture/demonstration (with Becky Arnold and Yvonne Rainer, Walker Art Center, June 1971) ; Grand Union performance with David Gordon (112 Greene Street, 1972) ; The Compass Points ; Light & the Rose (First Congregational Church, Cambridge, Mass., Feb. 1975) ;